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Paintless Dent Removal in Merango, IL

Need to know about PDR?

Paintless dent removal in Merango, IL, is an art of removing imperfections such as hail damage or dings as well as creases without having to repaint your vehicle. Repainting your vehicle may cause you to lose your value as well as your finish on your vehicle. ADR technicians use special made tools and LED lighting to access most areas behind body panels on your vehicle, given our technicians the ability to remove hail damage, dings or creases back to its original finish.

Will paintless dent repair, harm my vehicle?

Today's vehicles metals are more flexible as well as the paint has a mix of rubber agents in the paint that gives our technicians the ability to remove damage without harming the vehicles original finish.

What size dents, can technicians repair?

ADR can help you with hail damage repair. Our ADR technicians, depending on the vehicle's original condition and once your insurance claims adjuster estimates your hail damage, our technicians will do a final overview of your vehicle to ensure correct hail damage repair has been made on your vehicle. Please keep in mind some vehicles with hail damage may be unrepairable depending upon the damage; it may require body shop repairs or replacement of panels. Please always keep this in mind, and thank you for choosing ADR.

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